Website options for faculty

Another academic year is upon us. With the start of our next year of monthly newsletters, now is a great time to remind everyone what Digital Communications offers for faculty and staff web needs on campus.

Campus WordPress environment: This is our most common solution. Websites are set up on a WordPress multisite that has a single, branded theme that all sites work within. The WordPress theme has a unified global header and footer that our team maintains, and we support the theme and improve its usability as new features are needed. To request a new website in our campus WordPress environment, please fill out this form.

Faculty WordPress environment: This is our newest solution, that was implemented to provide the type of ad hoc website space that faculty would use for hosting content they want to make available professionally yet isn’t directly tied to a lab site or program. The websites are all hosted at and the site URL is the faculty member’s name. The advantage of the Faculty WordPress environment is it offers more flexibility in look and feel, has unlimited storage, and has reasonable limitations (no custom plugins, php code, etc allowed). Faculty interested in this new service should contact Mike Kirby.

For web content that is not a good fit for maintaining in WordPress, please contact us and we will be happy to brainstorm other options.