UMaine website updates and bug fixes (August 2019)

In early August, our campus WordPress environment was upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (5.2.2). As detailed in our December newsletter, we will continue to utilize the “Classic editor” alongside our own content blocks feature for the foreseeable future.

Over the coming year, we will be working with UMS IT to create a new page editor experience that utilizes the newer “Gutenberg” content editor option that is now part of WordPress 5.x and beyond. This newsletter will continue to keep our community updated on that progress.

Bug fixes

A number of minor issues with our WordPress template have been addressed over the summer. A bug with content syndication (Repost to UMaine News, Repost to UMaine Calendar) has been addressed, and our image content block can now have a centered text overlay even when the image is expanded to the full width of the page. There have also been some minor tweaks made to the automated people directory available to UMaine websites, including the ability to designate a specific page URL for the directory and customize the name of the directory. If you utilize this feature and are interested in what is new, please get in touch with us.