New service for faculty websites

Historically, our support for the website needs of faculty has included two solutions:

  • A faculty bio page within a college, school or unit website
  • A lab site to contain the work done by a faculty member alongside students

Some faculty have in the past found that their web needs fall between these two solutions; they have more information to share than what fits in a faculty bio page on a website, but creating a lab site mischaracterizes their work.

We have contracted with a WordPress service provider named CampusPress to offer a new solution for faculty websites at web addresses. The above two options remain available. This new solution utilizes WordPress but is not integrated with the UMaine public website environment. Brand standards and web accessibility remain requirements with this new service, but the websites are intended to have more design autonomy for faculty professional content. Login to this service is tied to your UMS / portal login.

If you are interested in getting started with a website on, please email us at