Known issues with UMaine’s WordPress system

The UMaine website design— ‘theme’ in WordPress terms— is complex, and there are known issues you may encounter:

Importing events into website calendar

We license a “content aggregator” feature for our events calendar software, which works to import events in a shared Google calendar as event web pages you may list in a calendar list content block. This feature stopped functioning for our websites in mid-January. Our team has been working with the software vendor to identify and resolve this problem, but as of this newsletter the issue is ongoing.
The workaround is to manually create events within the WordPress calendar feature.

“Repost to UMaine News” and “Repost to UMaine Calendar” feature

Our website has a content syndication feature for news and events— if you view a published news post or event detail page, the WordPress “admin toolbar” at the top of the page has a text link that states “Repost to UMaine News” or “Repost to UMaine Calendar.” This feature creates a copy of your post or event, and submits it to the appropriate website in an unapproved “incoming” state for Marketing & Communications staff to review and publish.

Recently this feature has incorrectly given an error when it is used: instead of stating “Reposted” the message is “Try again? Failed to repost to” for either UMaine News or Calendar. The content is still being copied over, but because of this error your own site will not indicate that this has been done.
The workaround is to not believe this particular error message when you see it. We hope to have this issue resolved soon.