Options for publications

Content on your website should appear as text on your web pages in most circumstances. At the same time, there are legitimate reasons why a document needs to be uploaded to your site, and to list those documents we provide additional options.

Using the built-in resource library
We cover the basics of using the “Resource” content type in our WordPress Basics training. Resources are used to manage the documents you upload to your website, and allow you to update those documents quickly and easily without breaking links on your pages. Did you know that those resources can be accessed in a searchable feature as well? Here is an example of a resource library on the Office of the President website, where budget materials, forms, and organizational resources are listed. For most websites, this is available by appending “resource” to your website address.

Optional publications feature available
If you have a need to list publications in a bibliography-like manner, we have an optional feature that can be switched on for your website. This feature adds a “Publications” content type to your site, and these can be used to list recent publications, viewable by publication type and author. An example of this feature can be seen on the VEMI Lab website. If you are interested in adding this feature to your website, please contact us for support at um.weboffice@maine.edu.

Thesis archive/listings with search
This feature was developed for the Honors College, but can be enabled for any site that needs to record, archive and list student theses. You can see this in place on the Honors College website. If you are interested in adding this to your website, please contact us at um.weboffice@maine.edu.