Update to Resources

In March we made some important updates to the UMaine theme in WordPress, the biggest change is how Resources are added to pages and posts.

Visually it will look the same, but instead of using the “oembed” method of pasting a URL into the editor, you will need to use the “Add Media” button above the editor toolbar.

When the “Insert Media” dialog box appears, select “Insert Post Element” from the choices in the left column.

There, you will see 2 options, “RSS Feed” and “Resource”. Clicking Resource will bring up a drop-down menu that also allows you to search for a resource.

Once you select your resource from the list, click “Insert Element” and this will place the resource on the page.

The reason for the change: version 4.4 of WordPress affected how oembed features operate— and Resources needed to change to a new method of embedding.