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Stoneham Sunset
Town of StonehamStoneham Sunset

Although named after Stoneham, MA, this small Maine town’s name is suitable for its rocky, mountainous terrain. Stoneham is known as a gateway to Maine’s western mountains and the White Mountain National Forest, with plenty of opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities.


  • Camp Susan Curtis 236 Allen Rd, Stoneham, ME 04231 | (207) 774-1552
    • This beautiful summer camp, founded by former Maine governor Kenneth Curtis, provides a classic Maine camp experience for Maine youths facing economic hardship.
  • Five Kezar Ponds Reserve 5 Kezar Ponds Rd, Waterford, ME 04231
    • This 2.5-mile trail network offers easy to moderate difficulty hikes, with gorgeous views of the Five Kezar Ponds below!
  • Hiking in Stoneham Stoneham, ME 04231
    • There are dozens of great hiking trails in and around Stoneham alone, not to mention the hundreds more in the White Mountain National Forest and other nearby areas! This list offers a few highlights to get started with.
  • Lord Hill Mineral Collecting Area Evergreen Valley Rd, Stoneham, ME 04231
    • For a unique summertime activity, try your luck prospecting at this public mineral site! Access to the site is by a hike of 1 mile, and the required permit is free and available on-site.
  • Stoneham Knight Riders Snowmobile Club Stoneham, ME 04231
    • This local snowmobile club works to maintain and expand Stoneham’s snowmobile trails, which connects to Maine’s extensive statewide trail network.
  • TimberStone Adventures 859 Maine St, Stoneham, ME 04231
    • Don’t miss TimberStone’s amazing 1-mile long disc golf course spread across forests and mountain ledges with views of the White Mountain National Forest!


  • AJ’s Everything 3104, 409 Maine St, Stoneham, ME 04231 | (207) 928-2454
    • This popular local watering hole serves everything from coffee and breakfast wraps in the morning to steaks and pizza and drinks in the evening!
  • Additional dining options are available in nearby Waterford and Lovell!


  • Evergreen Valley Inn 82 Mountain Rd, Stoneham, ME 04231 | (207) 928-3300
    • This lovely inn offers cozy rooms in a variety of styles and sizes with convenient access to lots of great outdoor activities all year!
  • The Mad Moose Keewaydin Lake, Stoneham, ME 04231
    • This cozy lakefront cottage, with a 200ft private beach on Keewaydin Lake, is the perfect place for a family getaway!
  • TimberStone Adventures 859 Maine St, Stoneham, ME 04231
    • For a truly unique experience, come stay in one of Timberstone’s gorgeous treehouse retreats, located on their 1-mile long disc golf course!

Shops & Services

  • AJ’s Everything 3104, 409 Maine St, Stoneham, ME 04231 | (207) 928-2454
    • The name says it all! AJ’s has everything from fishing gear to ice cream to beer and wine!
  • Additional shops & services are available in nearby Waterford and Lovell!

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