Welcome to Bethel, Maine!

Bethel, located in Oxford County, is a beautiful mountain village. The town is located near the Sunday River Ski Resort and Mount Abram and is home to the private preparatory school Gould Academy. Sunday River Ski Resort is also home to Gould Academy’s elite alpine ski and snowboard racing program for athletes ages 7-19. Bethel has activities including: hiking, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, skiing, camping, and more.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts granted land to individuals who fought in an attempted conquest of Canada, in what is now Bethel in the 18th century. The land in the area was inhabited by the native Abenaki tribe for thousands of years prior to white settlement. The area was originally called Sudbury, Canada prior to its incorporation in 1796.

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Fun Facts

  • Bethel is located against a Mineral Belt, “One of the world’s largest beryl crystals, now on exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in New York City was found at the nearby Bumpus Mine” (The Heart of New England).

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