Welcome to Jonesport!

Jonesport Maine


Dating back to the early 19th century, the town of Jonesport was created out of the town of Jonesboro. Jonesport has always been a hub for commercial fishing, starting with sardines and slowly shifting to lobster as time went on. Home to a shipbuilding industry at one time, many vessels were crafted at its shores.

As the town grew, so did the industries it kept. The commercial fishing industry is still a major part of the local business. The Beals-Jonesport Co-Op serves as a hub for the local fishers. Today, Jonesport is home to a large number of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Though the town has experienced a slump in the last hundred years, it has been regrowing and redeveloping to become a cradle for newer industries such as art, food, and tourism.

There is plenty to check out in this small town; with countless small shops, amenities, and places to stay, be sure to check everything out! The nearby Beals Island has plenty to explore as well. Be sure to take a trip over the bridge to visit this small fishing island!

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