UMSS Student Profiles 2021

Zachary's portrait

UMSS21 Student Profile: Zachary Maynor

Zachary Maynor’s UMaine Student Symposium project focuses on ways to mitigate the effects of water evaporation on wild blueberry crops in Maine. With the help of graduate student Rafa Tasnim, a Ph.D. candidate studying ecology and environmental sciences, he was able to conduct a study that mixed Biochar and compost at different rates and compositions […]

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Anna's portrait

UMSS21 Student Profile: Anna Soule

Anna Soule presented two separate projects at the UMaine Student Symposium 2021. The project “Whites Only,” advised by Owen Smith, won the arts category award for graduate students. The winning project is a “collaborative video performance/installation that touches on white privilege and assimilation to white culture and systemic racism in America.” Along with collaborators Derek […]

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Jacob's portrait

UMSS21 Student Profile: Jacob Mealey

Jacob Mealey’s UMaine Student Symposium project focuses on COVID-19 contact tracing. He has designed a system that utilizes Android cellphones and a Bluetooth Beacon. The phone uses an app that constantly scans the unique ID of each beacon, and looks for the closest one. When the app detects a new beacon, it updates a server […]

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Cassidy's portrait

UMSS21 Student Profile: Cassidy McCusker

Cassidy McCusker’s UMaine Student Symposium 2021 project focuses on the role that diagnosis, hospitalization, and perceiver mental health experience have on the subjective hireability of a job applicant. She is examining how medication use, previous hospitalizations, mental health disorder diagnosis, and gender could change a candidate’s perceived hireability for a job. From this research, she […]

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