Jacob Chaplin

Jacob Chaplin is a fourth-year honors student majoring in political science and originally is from central Massachusetts. Jacob’s been a part of UMSG since his freshman year and has held different positions as a senator including Faculty Senate Representative as well as serving as FEPC Chair for a semester and serving as Vice President for Student Leadership last year as well. As Vice President for Student Leadership this year, Jacob is focused on recruitment efforts for UMSG, helping spread our visibility across campus, and encouraging Senators to take on passion projects. Outside of UMSG, Jacob has been a part of numerous other student organizations on campus including Divest UMS, serving for two years as Vice President of the Honors Student Advisory Board, and currently is the Vice President for Pre-Law Society. Jacobs is also a member of the Dirigo Leadership Society and has served as a UVote Ambassador. Outside of school, Jacob enjoys spending time with friends, skateboarding, and reading.