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Your Path to Funding

Vice President of Financial Affairs

As you prepare to submit your funding request, please try to request funding at least 2 weeks before your event. Some requests may need additional research or might be tabled at EBC until the organization can tweak its event or pursue additional areas of funding. To make sure your student organization has the best chance of receiving funding, please submit requests in advance.

One of UMSG Inc.’s missions is to fund student-led initiatives through UMSG-recognized clubs and organizations. The information below is a guide to obtaining funding.

What is ‘How to Request Money?’

How to Request Money details the overall process of requesting money from Student Government. Please reference the full document for more information about the larger procedure.

Overall, it is a 9-day process to gain access to funding. Try to plan 3-4 weeks in advance of the event.

The Approval Process:

  • Submit the required forms
  • Attend a meeting with the Executive Budget Committee
  • Funding request goes to Senate for approval
  • Funding request goes to cabinet for final approval
  • Following final approval, you may request the transfer of funds
These are the physical forms that your group must fill out to be considered eligible for funding. Please fill out these forms in their entirety before submitting. To be considered for each Monday’s EBC, please submit in person to Pam Alden in room 150A in the Memorial Union by 12pm on Friday.

Each form’s example request is a great resource to use when filling out your own group’s request. If you have any questions on how to fill out the particulars of a form, please look them over.

Types of Funding Requests:

Office Budget Request:

Office Budgets are intended for start-up supplies, such as paper, advertising expenses, and more.

Additional Funding Request:

Additional Funding requests are for on-campus events, such as guest speakers, food, and more.

Additional Funding Request With Travel:

Finally, Additional Funding requests with travel are for off-campus events.

UMSG’s Financial Policy:

UMSG has financial policies or rules we must follow when approving funding requests. Referencing the document associated with your type of request will inform your group of what we can provide funds for. These are only “Cheat Sheets” or paraphrases of the financial policy. To see the entire financial policy, visit the Financial Affairs Office, Room 150A, Memorial Union.

This is only a guideline to help clubs receive money; some items are subject to change on a case-by-case basis. Please do not abuse these policies. There are policies in place to punish groups who violate them.

Please use the above logo(s) on any promotional materials for events that UMSG has provided funding for.

For any questions, please contact the VPFA, AVPFA, or visit the UMSG offices in the Wade Center of the Memorial Union.

Paige Allen

Vice President of Financial Affairs

Pam Alden

Assistant Vice President of Financial Affairs