Spring 2021 Newsletter

Current State of UMaine’s Waste and Recycling Process: Pandemic Edition

By Sydney Abramovich ’21 According to the EPA, as of 2017, over 32% of the nation’s municipal solid waste, or MSW, is actually composed of cardboard, paper, and plastics. Before the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, many campuses, businesses, and lawmakers were working to reduce the amount of single-use plastics utilized by consumers. Since the […]

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Old Town Mill

By Sydney Abramovich ’21 If you’ve ever been to Marsh Island or visited the area surrounding Orono, the Old Town Mill is pretty hard to miss. Located just down the road from the University of Maine, the mill is actually older than the school itself. Opened as a sawmill in 1860, this site along the […]

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Food Waste and Solutions for Combating the Crisis

By Julia Iannuzzi ’21 Food waste is a dynamic and complex issue. The issue of food waste ranges from personal to industrial; therefore, there are many contributing factors, such as purchasing preferences, retail standards, excess production, cost, convenience, and more. According to the EPA, food waste is defined as “food such as plate waste (i.e., […]

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