Resources for Traveling While BIPOC

If you’re a student of color at UMaine, you might be surprised to know that you might have some strengths that will give you an advantage while abroad. Skills that you already use while in the United States can serve you while navigating another culture, such as:

  • Adaptation
  • Resilience
  • Knowing how to navigate between two or more cultures
  • Communication skills

You’ll gain and strengthen new skills, too, such as next-level confidence, independence, and cultural awareness. Experience related to your desired career field is also a big plus!

Education abroad can be a great way to stand out when beginning your career and a means to build your self-knowledge, which can make an impact when applying for jobs and promoting yourself. We think everyone deserves to achieve these advantages if they want them. This isn’t just about having fun overseas – it’s about economic equity, too.

So why have specific resources for students of color?

BIPOC students face unique challenges based on their identity and cultural background when considering travel:

  • Racism and ignorance can occur anywhere and they will be different in each culture.
  • Sometimes families and home communities are not supportive of their students going abroad.
  • Some students may be the first in their families to attend higher education and may not have the early knowledge of university culture and education abroad programs that other students might have.

By doing some research, planning, and reflecting ahead of time, the Education Abroad Team can empower you to find a supportive program that fits your needs, address your concerns, and talk to your family about going abroad. Download our guide below and feel free to contact the Education Abroad Team or the Office of Diversity and Inclusion with questions or concerns.