Study Abroad Tips

Cibeles Palace in Madrid, Spain with a rainbow flag.

Resources for Traveling While LGBTQ+

Understanding of gender identity and sexuality varies widely in cultures across the globe. If you’re an LGBTQ+ student thinking about going abroad, here are a few things to consider: Yes, it is very possible to feel safe and supported and have a GREAT time studying abroad. LGBTQ+ students face a unique set of challenges when […]

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Three young women of color walking down a path to Mont Saint-Michel.

Resources for Traveling While BIPOC

If you’re a student of color at UMaine, you might be surprised to know that you might have some strengths that will give you an advantage while abroad. Skills that you already use while in the United States can serve you while navigating another culture, such as: Adaptation Resilience Knowing how to navigate between two […]

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Two open books and a pen

Interview: Nives Dal Bo-Wheeler

When students contemplate taking an education abroad, a huge hurdle comes in the form of finances. Many students find themselves worrying that studying abroad is expensive and something they can’t afford. In realty, it’s much more achievable than people think. Add in some scholarships to the mix, and you’ll find yourself in another country studying […]

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Sign with red arrow pointing right and green arrow pointing left. Both have the word Choice.

Finding Your Program

Sometimes, there are perks to have a strict major. Your options are generally between one or two programs. It takes the hassle and anxiety out of having to choose from a plethora of countries, cities and providers; however, even choosing between those two programs can be difficult. What if I regret it later? What if […]

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Noah Falkner Thailand 2020

Interview: Critical Language Recipient Noah Falkner

Scholarships are a huge deal. They take time to prepare, courage to enter, and often open up a variety of opportunities to continue pursuing one’s goals and dreams. Today, we’d like to celebrated Noah Falkner, a 2020 recipient of the Critical Language scholarship.

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Stock image of plants growing from coins

Five Ways to Save

So, we’ve discussed budgeting. We’ve reviewed the ways in which it can help clarify the actual cost of your program and how to calculate finances. Now, how can you save your money to increase the amount going into your budget? Let’s talk about some ways to save.

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Stack of coins

The Art of Budgeting

We’ve all heard it before. Studying abroad is expensive. “There’s no way I can afford to live abroad.” “The costs for staying in another country are too extreme.” Well, have you ever sat down and really calculated those costs? Let’s get down to budgeting, shall we?

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Text reads "Top 3 Study Abroad Tips: Things to Keep in Mind"

Top 3 Tips to Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be tricky business. Sometimes the process seems daunting with all the paperwork, deadlines, and communicating that comes with it. Have no fear, I’m here to bring you the top 3 tips for studying abroad to help the process go a little smoother.

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