Office of International Programs

Education Abroad

Education abroad leads to self-awareness, skill-building, intercultural understanding, personal growth, and self-sufficiency. For those studying in another language, it can lead to language competency and even fluency. An Education Abroad experience adds depth to a résumé and can give students a competitive edge in the job market as it reflects the ability to adapt, problem-solve, and collaborate in a multicultural environment. There are a number of direct exchanges with partner universities. Direct exchanges allow UMaine students to pay tuition and fees to the University of Maine, while paying room and board costs to the host institution. Other recommended programs are available through UMaine’s consortium memberships or by direct enrollment, with the student responsible for payment directly to the provider or to the host school. Most programs offer instruction in English, while some may require intermediate language skills. Many offer pre-program or co-curricular language immersion short courses,to support language skills for a semester or year of study in that language. Most UMaine financial aid can be used for all University-approved programs. Additional national and institutional study abroad scholarships are available.

Cultural Events and Activities

The Office of International Programs provides a variety of opportunities for students to build leadership skills, learn or share information about cultural traditions and to build lasting cross-cultural friendships.  Our major events, International Coffee Hour, Culturefest, the International Dance Festival, as well as membership in the International Student Association are open to all students and we always welcome ideas for new programs.

International Student Services

The Office of International Programs offers international students a variety of services to assist with understanding F-1 and J-1 student visa requirements as they relate to academic enrollment, employment and travel.  Our immigration and student success advisors are also available to assist students navigate their adjustment to US social and academic culture and to provide support and guidance on almost any topic related to your status as an international student.

Intensive English Institute

The IEI provides students the language support and cultural knowledge needed to be successful in achieving their educational and career goals. It offers five sessions of 8-weeks each for all levels of English language learning needs.