Academic Support

Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes

The University of Maine is committed to offering a comprehensive academic support program in conjunction with other UMaine resources which can assist student-athletes in succeeding in their studies. Athletic academic counselors are responsible for overseeing the educational development and progress towards graduation for all student-athletes. The staff acts as a liaison between the student-athlete, coach and the academic communities to ensure that student-athletes comply with academic rules established by the University and the NCAA.

Chemistry Learning Center

The Chemistry Learning Center is a resource room available for all students in general chemistry and organic chemistry courses. The CLC is located in 262 Aubert and is staffed Monday through Friday by either a TA (Teaching Assistant) or a MLA (Maine Learning Assistant) associated with general chemistry (CHY 121, CHY 122, CHY 131) and organic chemistry (CHY 251, CHY 252).

  • Campus Location: Aubert Hall Room 262
  • Website:
  • Additional Information: There is no charge and students do not need to make an appt – just check the schedule and drop in when an MLA or TA for your chemistry course is available. A downloadable PDF is available on the website and a copy is also posted outside the CLC.

Computer Science / New Media Help Lab

Support space for students in Computer Science and New Media courses. Open from 9-5 on MWF, and staffed by graduate students and COS faculty, we can assist with programming assignments in our courses.

Economics Lab (Econ lab)

Faculty and peer to peer mentoring for any student to get FREE tutoring in Economics courses. Don’t wait, get help early! The Economics Laboratory and Advising Center (Econ Lab) provides students with a place to learn, gain assistance with economic courses, receive advising support, and interact with other students. Consistent with the School of Economics’ prioritization of student learning and professional development, teaching assistants and faculty members staff the economics lab four days per week. We encourage students to visit the lab to take advantage of the many resources available.

  • Campus Location: Winslow Hall Room 205
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 207.581.3150
  • Additional Information: Open Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am to noon and 2:00pm to 4:00pm (not open the first 2 weeks of the semester or when school is off/cancelled). NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED (suggested to go to your specific TAs hours, an email wouldn’t hurt).

Engineering Tutoring Center

Tutoring Courses (Primarily): MEE 150 Statics MEE 230 Thermodynamics I MEE 251 Strength of Materials MEE 252 Statics-Strength MEE 270 Dynamics The University does offer a tutoring program, but we are able to help with MAT 126, MAT 127, MAT 228, PHY 121, PHY 122 and CHY 121/123 (131/133). If you have any questions, concerns or need help with a specific course that is not listed (including non-MEE courses), please contact Meghan Honnell

  • Campus Location: Boardman Hall Room 219
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 207.581.2120
  • Additional Information: Schedule (Spring 2023): *No appoint. is necessary April 24th – 27th: Mon– Thurs 4 PM – 8PM May 1st and 3rd – 4PM – 8PM ***PLEASE NOTE: The tutoring center will be closed whenever the University has cancelled classes (holidays, snow days, etc.)

Fogler Library

Raymond H. Fogler Library at the University of Maine is the largest research library in Maine, with a 150-year history supporting the faculty, students, and staff of the University as well as residents of the State of Maine.

History – Undergraduate Writing Center

Students can receive help researching and writing papers for history classes.

Maine Business School Tutoring

The University of Maine Business School has partnered with Knack to help strengthen the peer learning community on campus! As a University of Maine Business student you can use Knack to get help from a fellow peer that already aced your class, and/or sign up as a Knack Tutor to help your peers in classes you have aced. Students can book 1 on 1 or group tutoring sessions, both online and in-person. The best part is that it is COMPLETELY FREE! To learn more visit the URL below.

Math Lab

You can come to the Math lab to study and work on your mathematics assignments. A staff member will be on hand to offer guidance. No appointment is necessary, just drop by any time the Math Lab is open. For Fall 2020, you can also join the Math Lab online! Visit the website for more info on both in-person and online hours.

Modern Languages and Classics – Language Tutoring

Tutoring all classes of Spanish and French including Beginner (SPA 101, SPA 102. FRE 101, FRE 102), Intermediate (SPA 203, SPA 204, FRE 201, FRE 202) and 300 and 400 level classes. No appointment is necessary.

Office of Student Academic Success

The Office of Student Academic Success (OSAS), a unit of the University of Maine’s College Success Programs, provides tutoring for UMaine students who need academic assistance in 100 – 400 level courses. Tutoring is available at no additional cost to students. OSAS uses a digital platform called Knack where students can access tutoring services. In addition, students who wish to become a tutor will use the Knack platform to create a profile for tutoring.

Physics Help Room (PHR) – Algebra Based Physics

Help with PHY107, PHY108, PHY111, and PHY112 which are ALGEBRA based physics classes.

  • Campus Location: Bennett Hall 116
  • Additional Information: Held in room 116, hours vary, schedule posted outside the door.

Physics Learning Center (PLC) – Calculus Based Physics

Help with PHY 121 and PHY 122, which are CALCULUS based physics classes.

  • Campus Location: Bennett Hall 124
  • Additional Information: Held in room 124, hours vary, schedule posted outside the door.

Student Accessibility Services

The primary goal of the University of Maine Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is to create educational access for students with disabilities at UMaine by providing or coordinating disability accommodations, giving information about the University and available resources to students and families and educating the campus community. Some of the services provided or coordinated for students with disabilities include testing accommodations, note takers, ordering alternate format texts, classroom relocation, advisement on disability issues, and housing related accommodations

School of Performing Arts – Music Theory Peer Tutoring Program

The UMaine Division of Music sponsors a music theory tutor to meet with any students who could use assistance with their music theory work.

Student Support Services Tutoring

Tutoring is available for students in the Trio Student Support Services program. Separate from The Tutor Program which is open to all UMaine students, students in our program are able to request a one on one tutor. When available, our Tutor Coordinator will match a Trio SSS student with an upperclassman who has previously taken the course and can provide greater individual attention. We also recommend our students, and all students utilize The Tutor Program. If you are not a Trio SSS student, but are seeking tutoring services, please contact the Tutor Program to learn more about both small group and drop in tutoring. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, Trio SSS is hiring both work study, and non-work study students. Please complete an online application to be a part of the Tutor Reserves.

Writing Center

Whether it’s creative writing, a presentation, literature review, or finding and citing sources, we can help.