Prevention Efforts

The University of Maine provides a comprehensive approach to hazing prevention on campus.   Prevention efforts include but are not limited to:

  • Hazing education and prevention seminars for Greek letter orgs, athletes, sports clubs, intramural sports, orientation leaders, and student leaders on campus.
  • Specific educational seminars given to first year athletes and new members of Greek letter organizations.
  • Participation in the National Hazing Prevention Week, which includes a full week of programming.
  • Provide social norm messaging around hazing prevention.
  • Provide bystander intervention training specific to hazing.
  • Provide resources, brochures, and posters to anyone on campus or in the greater community.
  • Provide screenings of the movie Haze (
  • Student organizations and Greek letter organizations are invited to sign the University’s anti-hazing pledge.

The University of Maine is also partnered with the and the authors of the National Study on College Student Hazing.  This affiliation allows us to:

  • Provide speakers and trainers for any group, anytime on research based prevention initiatives.
  • Provide campus hazing assessments and data collection to colleges and universities across the country.
  • Have staff that is directly involved with the most current hazing research.

Video Resource, We Don’t Haze:

For more information about the hazing prevention efforts at the University of Maine please contact:
Lauri Sidelko: (207)581-1423