Art Series: Baxter State Park

Photography by Sean Birkel

Climate Change Institute, University of Maine


Spruce-Fir Broom-moss Forest, Daicey Pond, September 2019

Falls along Howe Brook, May 2005

Early Fall on the Traveler Loop Trail, September 2011

Katahdin from Tracy Pond, September 2009


About the Author

Sean Birkel is a research assistant professor and the Maine State Climatologist, based at the University of Maine Climate Change Institute.  His research includes climate analysis, modeling, and data visualization.  Sean is the developer of, and is also working towards building the Maine Climate Office as a resource for Maine stakeholders.  While his research is primarily computer-based, as a graduate student he participated in field research in the Dry Valleys, Antarctica and in the Wind River Range, Wyoming.  Sean is a hiker and photographer and enjoys the Maine outdoors.

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