Why Economics ? Successful career pathways

An economics degree can lead you anywhere! Economics majors experience success in a variety of career pathways. While economics students thrive pursuing careers in business, government, finance, and banking, they also succeed pursuing careers in fields such as data science, law, healthcare, arts, journalism, education, sports analytics, agriculture, and natural resources.

According to Kiplinger, economics is the 4th best college major to build a career. No wonder with a profile that looks like this:

Starting salary: $51,400
Mid-career salary: $97,700
Annual online job postings: 799,117
Projected 10-year job growth: 15.3%

Watch this video developed by the American Economic Association to learn more about how training in economics supports a variety of career pathways.

Why Economics? Relevant & Agile Skills

SOE students graduate with strong analytical and critical thinking skills – skills that are critical to navigating our changing economy. We encourage students to pursue their interests by supporting undergraduate research experiences with faculty and encouraging internship opportunities with numerous organizations on and off-campus. Relevant and agile skills help our graduates succeed professionally. SOE alumni are thriving at highly-respected organizations in both the public and private sectors. 

Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills

Why Economics ? UMaine's SOE Community

At UMaine’s School of Economics (SOE), undergraduate students are a priority. We take great pride in engaging with our students and helping them succeed. 

  • Student faculty ratio of 9/1 – similar to most liberal arts colleges;
  • Average class size of 25 students (not including intro courses);
  • Student research experiences  – almost 20 undergrads hired as teaching and research assistants;
  • Over $125,000 in scholarships awarded by SOE each year (in addition to university and college awards);
  • Award-winning faculty
  • Award-winning students 

Join our “family” !

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