SOE Faculty Sharon Klein and Caroline Noblet chair Community-Driven Resilience Sessions at Maine Sustainability and Water Conference

SOE Faculty Sharon Klein and Caroline Noblet chaired a full-day Community-Driven Resilience Session at the 2024 Maine Sustainability and Water Conference. Under their leadership, the morning and afternoon Community-Driven Resilience sessions addressed critical challenges and opportunities facing Maine communities. The well-attended sessions called attention to the ongoing work and successes of local municipal officials, tribal leaders, citizen volunteers, community-based non-government organizations, regional organizations, state agencies, and private businesses. Drs. Klein and Noblet’s work on community-driven resilience is associated with their US EPA funded research project, The role of state networks in advancing community-initiated and -engaged sustainable energy action in underserved communities. Klein and Noblet’s innovative research team of undergraduate and graduate students bolstered the success of these sessions. Research team-members include Faizan Saif, Jasmine Lamb, Janine Borges, Sonia Leone, Catherine Mardosa, and Louise Chaplin. In addition, several students from Dr. Klein’s ECO 405 course volunteered to help with the sessions as well. Thank you all for organizing and executing these fabulous sessions.