Adekoya and Oliyide presented research at International Atlantic Economic Conference

SOE graduate students, Oluwasegun Adekoya and Johnson Oliyide, presented their research titled “Urban Influence of America’s Largest Metropolitan Areas on US Counties: Evidence from Econometric Connectedness” at the International Atlantic Economic Society Conference.  The conference was held October 6-7, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Using time series methods, their research investigates how economic activity shocks of large US cities can spill over and explain the economic activity of US counties.  They find a wide variation in the urban influence of US counties ranging from places with urban influence scores of approximately zero to counties with scores approaching 90% (out of 100%).  SOE assistant professor Thomas Wiesen supported Johnson Oliyide and Oluwasegun Adekoya at the conference.  Professor Todd Gabe and alumnus Richard Afatsao are also coauthors on the project.