Congratulations to SOE’s December graduates

We are thrilled to congratulate SOE’s most recent cohort of graduates. Fourteen undergraduate student members of SOE’s Community graduated in December 2020. These students include: Keegan Francis Daly-O’Donnell (B.S. Economics), Jesse William Dyer (B.A. Economics), Benaiah George (B.S. EES), Erin Gilmore (B.S. EES), Zack Holman (B.A. Economics and Political Science), Charlie Honkonen (B.A. Economics), Tristin Joachim (B.S. EES), Sebastian Lombardi (B.S. Financial Economics), Jason Maglathlin (B.S. EES), John Marshall (B.A. Financial Economics), Samantha Nigida (B.S. EES), Ben Orgel (B.A. Economics), Simon Perry (B.S. Financial Economics), and Cam Reed (B.A. Economics). We celebrate their accomplishments and wish them all much success. As we all look ahead to May graduation, we can take pride in this cohort’s example and draw inspiration from their example. Afterall, they accomplished great things during a challenging time. Congratulations to these recent UMaine graduates.