Alumni News: Autumn Murtagh ’15

AutumnFormer faculty member, Kim Huisman, contacted us recently to let us know that Autumn Murtagh ’15 was applying to grad schools. We contacted Autumn to find out where she decided to go.  She tells us, “I am attending a graduate program in Fall 2016. It is a graduate degree in criminal justice at Seattle University in Washington state. It is a 2 year program and I will be attending school in the summer as well. I have chosen to specialize in Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation, but this is not permanent and may change as time continues to the Investigative Criminology choice. I received a CJ Fellowship Grant from the University for reaching out to the Graduate Criminal Justice Director. I will be attending the orientation on the 15th of September and starting classes the 21st of September. Departing Maine for a road trip across country sometime in August and officially moving in the city on the 1st of September!”