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2018 Graduates Attending Grad Breakfast

Valerie Cartonio, Katarina Monahan, Sam Saucier, Dani McDougal, Alli DellaMattera, Natalie Hamalainen, Sarah Rettig

2018 AKD Students at Grad Breakfast

Sam Saucier, Dani McDougal, Alli DellaMattera, Natalie Hamalainen Sarah Rettig

Graduates and Faculty at Grad Breakfast

Valerie Cartonio, Karyn Sporer, Katarina Monahan, Kyriacos Markides, Natalie Hamalainen, Sam Saucier, Steve Barkan, Alli DellaMattera, Amy Blackstone, Dani McDougal, Sarah Rettig

Alumni News

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Our Newest Alumni: May 2018 Graduates

Ian Anderson

Alyssa Bennett

Valerie Cartonio

Meaghan Delcourt

Allison DellaMattera

Julianna Ferguson

Natalie Hamalainen

Robert Jackson

Danielle McDougal

Christopher McGrath

Joseph Nixon

Sarah Rettig

Samantha Saucier

Katie Sirois

Brooke Stacey

August 2017 Graduates

Miranda Hudgens
Jessica Carignan

December 2017 Graduates

Brena Brown
Carrie Daigle
William Weeks

May 2017 Graduates

Justine Bouthot
Aaron Chase
Lauren Crane
Heather Cross
Kathryn Gottlieb
Ashley Karr
Hannah Ladd
Dyandrea Labonte
Grace Livingston
Haleigh Moran
Katrina Ogden
Sage Peek-Antolin
Anna Ritland
Eli Saville
James Waring
Robyn Lorom Young 

August 2016 Graduates

Spencer Emerson
Peter Herskovitz
Andrew Snyder
Samantha Tierney

May 2016 Graduates

Ashlyn Boyle
Shane Bussey
Jonathan Colby
Kendall Croteau
Sarah Gibson
Mikaela Gustafsson
Chelsea Hickey
Dana Lambert
Michael Lucas
Jacob Marks
Sarah Mullis
Jasmine Richardson
Emma Richford
Harold “Trey” Stewart III
Tiana Vermette