Media reports on UMaine survey on decriminalizing drug offenses- Harm Reduction Research & Results

Robert Glover and Karyn Sporer had a press conference Tuesday on their Harm Reduction Research and results. Their results were picked up by a number of media outlets: BDN: (was also on the cover of the print copy yesterday) WABI: Maine Beacon: Spectrum News: Portland Press Herald: Maine Public:   In addition, the Portland Press Herald […]

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Aaron Dustin Wins at UMaine Student Symposium!

Sociology Double Major, Aaron Dustin, has won the social sciences award at the 2021 UMaine Student Syposium. See below for the abstract and a link to the presentation itself. Congratulations to Aaron! 0746. Mediation of the Religion Prejudice Link Undergraduate Presentation. Author(s): Aaron Dustin, Sally B. Barker, Jordan P. LaBouff Mentor(s): Jordan LaBouff Abstract: Although religious teachings typically recommend prosocial behavior, […]

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