Cybersecurity at the University of Maine

The digital advancements of 21st century provide a bounty of advantages, but there is a downside as well. Some computer programmers have chosen to take advantage of the public. These malicious programmers, commonly known as ‘hackers,’ create computer viruses or gain access to private information for nefarious purposes The field that deals with understanding, preventing […]

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Yvan Bedard: UMaine PhD Led to Major Success

On Thursday, Sept. 18th, University of Maine alum Yvan Bedard, PhD returned to the school to give a presentation entitled Beyond GIS: Spatial On-Line Analytical Processing and Big Data. Dr. Bedard recently retired from a very successful career as a Professor of Geomatic Sciences at Université Laval, where he had worked since graduating from UMaine. […]

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Torsten Hahmann: Assistant Professor of Spatial Informatics

  Meet Torsten Hahmann, a new assistant professor at the University of Maine working in the spatial informatics program of the School of Computing and Information Science. Professor Hahmann began working at UMaine in November of 2013. In his position as assistant professor, he has several roles at the university: teaching courses, conducting research, and writing […]

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