Scientific Diver Training

Scientific Diver Training

Scientific divers are expected to possess a level of knowledge and skill greater than entry level recreational divers. All scientific diver training at UMaine meets the standards of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS).  Scientific diver training at UMaine is typically scheduled at two times during the year, but may be scheduled at other times as needed.  All scientific diver candidates must possess a diving certification from an internationally recognized training agency.  UMaine offers a Basic Scuba course during the spring semester.  If necessary to support scientific objectives, special arrangements for basic certification can be made with the DSO.

SMS324-Introduction to Research Diving

SMS491 Student Divers (2008)
SMS324 Student Divers (2008)

UMaine offers scientific diver training for academic credit as SMS324-Introduction to Research Diving.  Sponsored by the UMaine School of Marine Sciences this course is held primarily during the Fall term in conjunction with the Semester by the Sea Program at the Darling Marine Center.  This semster-long program is well suited for students who aspire to utilize diving in the pursuit of future research objectives.

SMS324 is also occasionally offered during the Summer-term.  Please see the UMaine-DMC Summer University page for additional information.

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Customized Training

In certain circumstances, when scientific needs dictate, the DSO may work with prospective scientific divers to provide on-the-job or customized scientific diver training.  Customized training is generally restricted to divers who will be diving with UMaine scientists or at UMaine facilities.


The DSO offers a variety of other training courses including CPR, First Aid, Oxygen Administration, Dive Rescue, Dry Suit, and Enriched Air Nitrox. Courses are offered on an as needed basis.  Contact the DSO for scheduling and pricing information.