The Current Library: 5-Minute Tips for Chairs and Directors

Faculty Service

Fulfilling UMaine’s tri-partite mission requires engagement in teaching, research, and service. Yet service requirements vary by department, and in many cases, are not clearly defined. Watch this brief video as you consider how service is recognized in your unit. 

Family-Friendly Departments

Did you know that family-friendly academic departments are more successful in recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty? Watch this installment of The Current to see how fostering a supportive climate benefits everyone in your unit.

Fostering Collegiality in the Department

Sustaining collegial relationships within academic units is an effective recruitment and retention strategy. This module offers tips for starting a conversation about expectations for faculty collegiality, and offers examples of best practices that have been implemented at UMaine. 

View Article 2 of the AFUM Contract to learn more about expectations for faculty interactions. 
Check out this article about FACULTY MORALE from the Department Chair Insider

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation play an important role in evaluative processes in academia. View this edition of The Current to hear how letter writers’ word choices can reflect and even validate stereotypes and implicit biases that negatively impact faculty advancement.

Student Evaluations of Teaching

Asking students to evaluate teaching is one method of assessing faculty performance. But do they truly measure teaching effectiveness? Watch this episode to learn more about the biases that influence student evaluation and to hear about viable alternative measures. 

Supporting Associate Professors

Statistics show that approximately one third of all tenure-stream faculty at UMaine are at the rank of Associate Professor. Yet these faculty are among those most often considering leaving UMaine.  This episode provides data about our faculty population and practical suggestions that you can implement to retain experienced faculty. 

Learn about the Associate to Full Mentoring program. 

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