Managing Unconscious Bias

Bias is Everywhere: These 2014 materials, including practical strategies for combating bias, were developed by Molly Carnes and Jennifer Sheridan of the University of Wisconsin Madison (WISELI) to reduce bias at UWM, and at other higher education institutions.

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Combating Bias as an Individual: This infographic, developed by, offers new strategies for dealing effectively with unconscious biases.

Gender Bias Calculator: This tool allows you to evaluate biases in your own writing. Plug in excerpts from your letters to see if biases are revealed.

Managing Unconscious Bias: Facebook developed this 1-hour, modular training to help their employees overcome some common biases that negatively impact employee effectiveness and workplace diversity. Videos include a 2-minute overview from the VP of People at Facebook, and 6 segments focusing on introductions and first impressions, stereotypes and performance bias, performance attribution bias, the competence/likability tradeoff bias, maternal bias, and the case for diversity.