Rising Tide Advocates and Allies are agents of change.

They know that everyone has a role to play in advancing gender equity, and they stand ready to challenge implicit biases whenever and wherever they are revealed.

It’s possible that unconscious biases are affecting your actions. Take the Implicit Association Test to find out.

And consider joining UMaine colleagues working to reduce the subtle preconceptions that negatively impact hiring, evaluation, and faculty retention. Do it because equity is good for everyone. 

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What is the Advocates & Allies mission?

Rising Tide Advocates are a group of male faculty at UMaine who are working to reduce gender bias across campus. Their mission is simple – support the goals of the Rising Tide Center to improve the climate for women to enhance personal and professional outcomes for every member of the University of Maine community.

What's their strategy?

Advocates know that a multi-level approach is required to ensure a consistent response to unconscious bias, regardless of the context in which it is revealed. They question practices that result in disparate impacts due to gender, and seek to recommend more equitable practices in their professional and personal interactions.

Who are the Rising Tide Advocates and Allies?

Meet the Advocates and Allies – UMaine colleagues working to enhance equity on campus and beyond. 

Learn about the model that inspired UM’s Advocates & Allies program.

Not ready to join?

These resources might help you identify and challenge your own biases.