Rising Tide Advocates & Allies

At UMaine, everyone has a role to play in advancing gender equity. All members of our community must be prepared to recognize and respond to unconscious bias that negatively impacts faculty diversity and retention. Take the Implicit Association Test to see if unconscious perceptions are affecting your actions.

Biases that negatively impact hiring, evaluation, and faculty retention are not unique to our university. Read about initiatives developed at North Dakota State University, where faculty leader Roger Green describes the need to increase diversity as a national imperative.

Our UMaine colleagues are also working to reduce gender bias on our campus. As advocates, they know that a rising tide lifts all boats.

So who are the Rising Tide Advocates, and what exactly are their goals? Rising Tide Advocates are a group of male faculty at UMaine who are working to reduce gender bias across campus. Their mission is simple – support the goals of the Rising Tide Center to improve the climate for women to enhance personal and professional outcomes for every member of the University of Maine community.

Dr. Michael Wittmann, Rising Tide Advocate
 Sudarshan Chawathe       Nuri Emanetoglu Leonard Kass Michael Wittmann

What strategies are the Advocates using to make change at UMaine? Advocates employ a multi-level approach that facilitates a consistent response to unconscious bias regardless of the context in which it is revealed. They question practices that result in disparate impact due to gender, and seek to recommend more equitable practices in their departments and in their colleges.

Supporting our Advocates: To support achievement of these mutually beneficial goals, the Rising Tide Center and the Advocates have also recruited a large and diverse  group of male allies. These allies enhance bias literacy and champion gender equity via less formal mechanisms, such as in friendly conversation and while networking with colleagues.

Who are the Allies? Find your colleagues in this list below, and consider joining this collaborative group. Together, we can foster positive change!

Ali Abedi – Electrical & Computer Engineering
Andrei Alyokhin – Biology & Ecology
Francois Amar – Dean, Honors College
Steve Barkan – Sociology
David Batuski – Physics
Erik Blomberg – Wildlife, Fisheries & Conservation Biology
Emmanuel Boss – School of Marine Sciences
Doug Bousfield – Chemical Engineering
Mark Brewer – Political Science
Steve Coghlan – Wildlife & Conservation Biology
Tim Cole – College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Political Science
Chris Cronan – Biology & Ecology
Farahad Dastoor – Biology & Ecology
Daniel Dixon – Climate Change Institute
Frank Drummond – Biology & Ecology
Shawn Ell – Psychology
Steve Evans – English
James Fastook – Computer Science
Will Gramlich – Chemistry
Mac Gray – Civil Engineering Technology
Hamish Greig – Biology & Ecology
Bob Gundersen – Molecular & Biomedical Sciences
Justin Hafford – Continuing and Distance Education
Daniel Harrison – Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation Biology
Jeff Hecker – Academic Affairs
Dana Humphrey – College of Engineering
Malcolm “Mac” Hunter – Wildlife, Fisheries & Conservation Biology
Shaleen Jain – Civil & Environmental Engineering
Doug Johnson – Counseling Center/Touchstone
Len Kaye – Director, Center on Aging
Mike Kinnison – Biology & Ecology
Mike Kirby – Marketing & Communications Web Services
Andrew Knightly – Mathematics & Statistics
Jordan LaBouff – Psychology
Eric Landis – Civil Engineering
Man-Ching Lee – Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning
Kasey Legaard – Forest Resources
William Livingston – Forest Resources
Will Manion – Construction Management Technology
James McConnon – Cooperative Extension, Economics
Brian McGill – Biology & Ecology
Mohamad Musavi – College of Engineering
William “Dee” Nichols – College of Education & Human Development
Brian Olsen – Biology & Ecology and Climate Change Institute
Harlan Onsrud – Spatial Information Science & Engineering
Eric Pandiscio – Education & Human Development
Eric Peterson – Communications & Journalism
Hector Rastrullo – Division of Lifelong Learning
Alan Rosenwasser – Psychology
Jonathan Rubin – Economics
Jeff St. John – Academic Affairs
Daniel Sandweiss – Anthropology, Climate Change Institute
James Settele – Interim Athletic Director
Steve Shaler – School of Forest Resources
Mario Teisl – School of Economics
John Thompson – Physics & Astronomy
Senthil Vel – Mechanical Engineering
Tim Waring – Economics
Rob Wheeler – Molecular & Biomedical Sciences

Rising Tide Advocates and Allies  are working on behalf of all UMaine faculty to reduce common barriers that prevent achievement and advancement in all academic disciplines.

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