Overview of the RA Position


The Resident Assistant (RA) and Community Assistant (CA) position requires strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively and maturely with others.  Applicants should be able to demonstrate the ability to work well in groups, as RAs/CAs often work closely with their coworkers.  The ability to complete administrative tasks and to meet deadlines is also important.  Applicants must be reasonably available to respond to concerns within their community.  Other desirable skills of RA/CA applicants include dependability, maturity, openness to working with persons from a variety of backgrounds, and flexibility. The RA/CA position is a full year commitment and candidates that cannot commit to a two semester commitment will not be selected.

In order to apply for the Resident Assistant/Community Assistant position, applicants must maintain a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale each semester, as well as cumulatively.

Skills Gained

Resident Assistants/Community Assistants are provided with opportunities to learn and polish many skills that they can use later in their chosen career.  All RA/CA staff members are trained in program planning, budgeting, team building, conflict resolution, crisis response, mediation skills, communication skills and time management.  This position also exposes RAs/CAs to a variety of resources on campus and gives them the opportunity to collaborate with staff members from across the campus community, including the University of Maine Police Department, Alcohol and Drug Education Programs, Campus Activities, the Career Center, the Counseling Center, and many more.


RAs/CAs receive compensation equal to room and board for the semester(s) during which they are employed in the position.