University Research Council


The University Research Council (URC) provides input to the Vice President for Research (VPR) on strategic issues related to research, scholarship and creative achievement. Although it is not actively involved in policy making, it provides recommendations to the VPR on short-term and long-term research priorities, as well as on such topics as indirect cost recovery; research faculty; postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate research activities; intellectual property and technology transfer; Office of Research and Sponsored Programs; and publicizing research successes.

The URC has a strong interest in evaluation, which is involved in planing exercises as well as in evaluating the effectiveness of programs and related policies.

The URC reports to the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School.

2017 – 2018 Membership Representation:

Membership Representation Committee Member Duration of Appointment
Faculty Senate, Chair of Research and Scholarship Committee Debbie Saber  August 31, 2018
Mauricio Pereira da Cunha  August 31, 2017
College of Business Henri Akono  August 31, 2019
Sebastian Lobe  August 31, 2020
College of Education and Human Development Catharine Biddle  August 31, 2018
Craig Mason  August 31, 2018
College of Engineering Mohsen Shahinpoor August 31, 2018
Jean McRae  August 31, 2017
Douglas Bousfield  August 31, 2018
 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Carl Tripp  August 31, 2019
 Emily Haddad  August 31, 2018
 Mark Brewer  August 31, 2018
Shannon McCoy  August 31, 2018
Timothy Cole  August 31, 2020
College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture Yong Chen  August 31, 2019
Rebecca Van Beneden  August 31, 2017
Eric Gallandt  August 31, 2019
Ivan Fernandez  August 31, 2019
Rob Wheeler  August 31, 2019
Cooperative Extension Ellen Mallory  August 31, 2019
Deans & Associate Deans Scott Delcourt
Justin Dimmel
Research Centers & Institutes Carl Tripp  August 31, 2019
Ali Abedi
Hemant Pendse  August 31, 2017
Student Representatives Magdalena Blaskiewicz August 31, 2017
Other Members
Research Administrator for EPSCoR Shane Moeykens
Directory, Grants Development Office Jason Charland
Dean of the Graduate School & Associate Provost Scott Delcourt
Dean of Libraries Joyce Rumery
Deborah Rollins
Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research Ali Abedi
Director of the Office of Research Administration Christopher Boynton
Executive Vice President and Provost Jeffery Hecker
Jeff St. John
Vice President for Innovation and Economic Development Jake Ward
Assistant Vice President for Research David Neivandt
Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School Kody Varahramyan