Grants Awarded – External

Snapshot of recent grants awarded to UMaine researchers. This is NOT a comprehensive list.

Project Title Principal Investigator Sponsor Name Award Amount
2020 September Grant Report
27th Annual National EPSCoR Conference, Portland Maine Khodadad Varahramyan National Science Foundation $700,672
A new paradigm for ocean color satellite calibration and validation: highly accurate, low uncertainty, hyperspectral radiometric measurements from autonomous platforms (HYPERNAV) Emmanuel Boss Wet Labs, Inc.
National Aeronautics & Space Administration
CNH2-L: Measuring adaptive responses that strengthen governance of marine resources along the Baja California Peninsula Heather Leslie Duke University
National Science Foundation
Cross-disciplinary ONline Training to promote Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Tele-Intervention (CONTAACT) Deborah Rooks-Ellis
Jennifer Seale
US Dept of Education $249,950
Development of a decision support system for sea lice management in salmon aquaculture Kelly Cole
Ian Bricknell
Damian Brady
US Dept of Agriculture $315,000
Genetic Improvement of North American Atlantic Salmon & the Eastern Oyster for Aquaculture Production Deborah Bouchard
Meggan Dwyer
Damian Brady
Paul Rawson
US Dept of Agriculture $847,000
Maine Violent Death Reporting System Marcella Sorg
Jamie Wren
Maine Attorney General
US Dept of Health & Human Services
Meulenberg NSF IPA Robert Meulenberg National Science Foundation $175,599
Moving from crisis response to long-term integrated management of SWD: A keystone pest of fruit crops in the United States Philip Fanning University of Georgia
US Dept of Agriculture
New Beginnings for Wabanaki Students at the University of Maine Darren Ranco US Dept of Agriculture $283,164
Pingree and Sunrise Conservation Easement Monitoring David Sandilands New England Forestry Foundation $142,756
Predicting range shifts and spatially explicit population viability for Golden-winged Warblers Amber Roth US Dept of the Interior $140,435
Coupling Advanced Computational Analyses of Mammography and SHG Imaging for Early Detection of Breast Cancer Tissue Microenvironment Disruptions Accompanying Tumorigenesis Andre Khalil
David Bradley
Zheng Wei
Karissa Tilbury
US Dept of Health & Human Services $418,484
Sustainable Energy Leaders of the Future (SELF) Residential Program for Rural High School Students Sheila Pendse
Ling Li
Hemant Pendse
Jessica Leahy
US Dept of Agriculture $93,133
TRELIS-GS: Training and Retaining Leaders in STEM – Geospatial Sciences Mary Beard-Tisdale National Science Foundation $61,893
Validating Sediment DNA (sedDNA) for Identifying Historical Alewife Presence in Maine Lakes Michael Kinnison
Jasmine Saros
ME DEPT of Marine Resources $103,626
Woody Biomass Conversion to Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels, Chemicals, and Nanocellulose Hemant Pendse
Clay Wheeler
Colleen Walker
Amy Luce
US Dept of Defense $4,817,500

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This is NOT a comprehensive list.

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