Monthly Grant Report

Project Title Principal Investigator Sponsor Name Award Amount
2022 October Grant Report
Computing Community for Good Penny Rheingans
Roy Turner
Terry Yoo
Christopher Dufour
Vanessa Klein
Sarah Saeed
National Science Foundation $1,499,918
Data-Driven Approach for Traffic Operations Project Performance Evaluation and Understanding the Causes of Non-Recurrent Congestion Mohammadali Shirazi ME Dept of Transportation
US Dept of Transportation
Enhancing Organic Dry Bean Production in the Northeast and Upper Midwestern United States Ellen Mallory
Alicyn Smart
Cornell University
US Dept of Agriculture
Graduate Research Fellowship Program ’22-’27 Khodadad Varahramyan National Science Foundation $184,000
Investigating the role of prophage encoded gene products on mycobacterial gene expression and intrinsic antibiotic resistance Sally Molloy
Joshua Kelley
US Dept of Health & Human Services $432,274
New England Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Disease Allison Gardner University of Massachusetts
US Dept of Health & Human Services
Partnership: Developing a dietary approach in the management of inflammatory bowel disease (clinical trial) Yanyan Li University of Michigan
US Dept of Agriculture
Solar Driven Flowing Particle Reactor for Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Paraffins Justin Lapp
Thomas Schwartz
US Dept of Energy $400,000
UMaine northeastern regional center NPDN 2022-2026 yr1 Alicyn Smart
Stephanie Shea
US Dept of Agriculture $472,400
Uncovering Behavioral and Infrastructure Barriers to Low-Carbon Rural Travel: Travel Behavior Panel for Small and Rural Communities Jonathan Rubin
Kathryn Ballingall
University of Vermont
National Science Foundation
WRRI FY22 104b Program – Information Transfer David Hart US Dept of the Interior $56,556

This is not a comprehensive list of all UMaine research awards. If you have any questions please contact