External grants awarded >$50,000

Download a PDF of the May 2024 Grant Report.

Project Title Principal Investigator Sponsor Name Award Amount
2024 May Grant Report
A predictive scaling framework of forest structure and functional diversity in a non-equilibrial world Sydne Record Northeastern States Research Cooperative $197,260
Aging Maine Transformation Collaborative Yr5 $$ Lenard Kaye
Jennifer Crittenden
University of New England
US Dept of Health & Human Services
An International Collaboration Effort in Building a Community of Interest and Response to the Emerald Ash Borer Threatening Ash Trees and Indigenous Lifeways John Daigle
Darren Ranco
US Dept of Agriculture $129,480
State of New York
National Offshore Wind Research & Development Consortium
Collaborative Research: AMPS: Modeling, Analysis, and Control for Wind Turbine Power Systems Exposed to Faults and Extreme Situations Peter Stechlinski University of Cincinnati
National Science Foundation
Digital Species-Site-Suitability Systems for Regenerating Northern Forests Michael Premer
Erin Simons-Legaard
Kasey Legaard
Northeastern States Research Cooperative $271,035
Effects of Climate Change on the Water Cycle in the Northeastern Region of the United States Sean Smith US Dept of the Interior $250,000
Enhanced-Performance Composite Vehicle Structures Benjamin Dwyer
Eric Landis
Jonathan Roy
US Dept of Defense $5,221,000
Evaluating the capacity of adsorbents to bind perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) across simulated ruminal, abomasal, and intestinal conditions and expanding our understanding of PFOS ruminal release kinetics from forage substrates Juan Romero
Glenda Pereira Parente
Kizito Nishimwe
US Dept of Agriculture $300,000
First 4 ME Early Care and Education Project Evaluation revised Alan Cobo-Lewis ME Dept of Health and Human Services
US Dept of Health & Human Services
HIAD Burst and Strap Indentation Test Shawn Eary
William Davids
National Aeronautics & Space Administration $85,462
Joint Venture Agreement between US Forest Service Northern Research Station and the University of Maine to Support AmeriFlux work at the Howland Research Forest, Maine Shawn Fraver US Dept of Agriculture $95,000
National Plant Diagnostic Network Seventh National Meeting: Adapting to the Challenges of Change Alicyn Smart
Stephanie Shea
US Dept of Agriculture $50,000
NCLIM: Northeast Climate Integrated Modeling Lisa Kerr Gulf of Maine Research Institute
US Dept of Commerce
Northern Forest Historical Atlas Project Daniel Hayes
David Sandilands
Anthony Guay
Northeastern States Research Cooperative $231,776
Personnel support for the Gulf of Maine buoy network Diane Rowland Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems
US Dept of Commerce
PHASE 3 RENEWAL: Development and Validation of Models to Assess Dynamic Response of Converter‐Dominated Power Systems across Multiple Spatiotemporal Scales Don Hummels
Vijaya Kumar Devabhaktuni
University of Alaska Fairbanks
US Dept of Energy
Positive Behavioral Supports & Intervention (PBIS) Initiative (2024-2029) Courtney Pacholski ME Dept of Education
US Dept of Education
Post-release non-target impacts of hemlock woolly adelgid biocontrol Angela Mech Northeastern States Research Cooperative $250,880
Public Health Opioid Response (formerly Naloxone Distribution for Public Health Opioid Response) Marcella Sorg
Jamie Wren
ME Dept of Health and Human Services
US Dept of Health & Human Services
SEED: Social, Economic, and Ecological Dimensions of Forest Management for Climate Change Adaptation Jeanette Allogio
Nicole Rogers McLellan
Jay Wason
Northeastern States Research Cooperative $241,765
Support for University of Maine graduate student research on abrupt climate change Aaron Putnam Comer Family Foundation $147,879
Surviving a mass extinction: Lessons from the K-Pg fern spike Jacquelyn Gill New York Botanical Garden
National Aeronautics & Space Administration
The New England Heat Modified Mass Timber Initiative Shane O’Neill
Benjamin Herzog
US Dept of Agriculture
Two-eyed seeing: Integrate Indigenous Knowledge, Western Science, and Climate Change Response in IR1 Bonnie Newsom US Dept of the Interior $675,498