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Applying utilization-focused evaluation to high school hazing prevention: A pilot intervention2019EVALUATION AND PROGRAM PLANNINGHakkola, Leah
Allan, Elizabeth
Impacts of silvicultural prescriptions and implementation of best management practices on timber harvesting costs2019INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOREST ENGINEERINGKizha, Anil Raj
Roth, Brian
An evaluation of isotopic (delta H-2) methods to provide estimates of avian breeding and natal dispersal2019ECOSPHERERoth, Amber
Development & characterization of fluorescently tagged nanocellulose for nanotoxicological studies2019ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE-NANOBousfield, Douglas
Gramlich, William
Developing a marine protected area network with multiple objectives in China2019AQUATIC CONSERVATION-MARINE AND FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMSChen, Yong
A Professional Development Activity to Help Teaching Assistants Work as a Team to Assess Lab Reports in a General Chemistry Course2019ISRAEL JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRYBruce, Alice
Bruce, Mitchell
50 to 30-Hz triplet and singlet down sweep vocalizations produced by sei whales (Balaenoptera borealis) in the western North Atlantic Ocean2019JOURNAL OF THE ACOUSTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICATremblay, Christopher
A multi-scale comparison of elevation measurement methods in northeastern tidal marshes of the United States2019WETLANDSOlsen, Brian
Affective Behavior in Withdrawal Seizure-Prone and Withdrawal Seizure-Resistant Mice during Long-Term Alcohol Abstinence2019ALCOHOLISM-CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCHRosenwasser, Alan
Phenotypic and community consequences of captive propagation in mosquitofish2019JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGYKinnison, Michael
Wood, Zachary
Generational perceptions of promotion and tenure expectations by faculty in a striving university: A quest for legitimacy?2019HIGHER EDUCATION QUARTERLYGardner, Susan
Influence of temperature regime and epizootic shell disease on ecdysterone concentrations in American lobster from the Gulf of Maine2019BULLETIN OF MARINE SCIENCEHamlin, Heather
Bouchard, Deborah
Reconsidering the encoding of data in physics education research2019PHYSICAL REVIEW PHYSICS EDUCATION RESEARCHWittmann, Michael
Thompson, John
Changes in Occupancy and Relative Abundance of a Southern Population of Spruce Grouse Based on a 25-year Resurvey2019NORTHEASTERN NATURALISTBlomberg, Erik
Intravital Imaging Reveals Divergent Cytokine and Cellular Immune Responses to Candida albicans and Candida parapsilosis2019MBIOWheeler, Robert
The Indonesian Throughflow and the Circulation in the Banda Sea: A Modeling Study2019JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANSXue, Huijie
Genetic Diversity of Lowbush Blueberry throughout the United States in Managed and Non-Managed Populations2019AGRICULTURE-BASELDrummond, Francis
Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics of Sexual Dimorphism2019TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONKinnison, Michael
Investigating student understanding of bipolar junction transistor circuits2019PHYSICAL REVIEW PHYSICS EDUCATION RESEARCHStetzer, MacKenzie
Managing Recovery Resilience in Coral Reefs Against Climate-Induced Bleaching and Hurricanes: A 15 Year Case Study From Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean2019FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCESteneck, Robert
Nanoclusters of Dicyanocuprate(I) Anions in Aqueous Solutions: Investigating Cuprophilic Interactions2019CHEMISTRYSELECTPatterson, Howard
Predictive Validity of Thin-Slice Nonverbal Behavior from Social Interactions2019PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY BULLETINRuben, Mollie
The Three-spined Stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus Linnaeus 1758, plays a minor role as a host of Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Kroyer 1837) in the Gulf of Maine2019JOURNAL OF FISH DISEASESZydlewski, Gayle Barbin
Bricknell, Ian
Toward a rapid method for the study of biodiversity in cold environments: the characterization of psychrophilic yeasts by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry2019EXTREMOPHILESConnell, Laurie
Strong zonation of benthic communities across a tidal freshwater height gradient2019FRESHWATER BIOLOGYGreig, Hamish
Developing and evaluating a management strategy evaluation framework for the Gulf of Maine cod (Gadus morhua)2019ECOLOGICAL MODELLINGChen, Yong
Sun, Ming
Quantitative vulnerability assessment of water quality to extreme drought in a changing climate2019ECOLOGICAL INDICATORSJain, Shaleen
Radiocarbon Chronometry of Site QJ-280, Quebrada Jaguay, a Terminal Pleistocene to Early Holocene Fishing Site in Southern Peru2019JOURNAL OF ISLAND & COASTAL ARCHAEOLOGYSandweiss, Daniel
Reciprocal relationships between forest management and regional landscape structures: applying concepts from land system science to private forest management2019JOURNAL OF LAND USE SCIENCECrandall, Mindy
Bell, Kathleen
Can Workers in Low-End Occupations Climb the Job Ladder?2019ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT QUARTERLYGabe, Todd
Degrees of Freedom: Exploring Agency, Narratives, and Technological Affordances in the #TakeAKnee Controversy2019SOCIAL MEDIA + SOCIETYRosenbaum, Judith
It’s a gassy world’: starting with students’ wondering questions to inform climate change education2019ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION RESEARCHHufnagel, Elizabeth
A qualitative analysis to identify the elements that support department level change in the life sciences: The PULSE Vision & Change Recognition Program2019PLOS ONELindsay, Sara
Modulation of TNF alpha Activity by the microRNA Let-7 Coordinates Zebrafish Heart Regeneration2019ISCIENCEKing, Benjamin