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Phenolic and anthocyanin fractions from wild blueberries (V. angustifolium) differentially modulate endothelial cell migration partially through RHOA and RAC12019JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRYWeber, James
Ashworth, Sharon
Improving Techniques to Study Equine Cervical Mucociliary Clearance2019JOURNAL OF EQUINE VETERINARY SCIENCERichard, Anna
Stokes, Martin
Causey, Robert
Spatiotemporal variability in the phenology of the initial intra-annual molt of American lobster (Homarus americanus Milne Edwards, 1837) and its relationship with bottom temperatures in a changing Gulf of Maine2019FISHERIES OCEANOGRAPHYChen, Yong
Townsend, David
Brady, Damian
Family-forest owner decisions, landscape context, and landscape change2019LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNINGLeahy, Jessica
Bell, Kathleen
Parallel Markov chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian hierarchical models with big data, in two stages2019JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICSWei, Zheng
Effects of TWA-Supported Digitally on Comprehension of Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder, Level 12019JOURNAL OF SPECIAL EDUCATION TECHNOLOGYHoworth, Sarah
Arctic climate shifts drive rapid ecosystem responses across the West Greenland landscape2019ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERSFowler, Rachel
Saros, Jasmine
Finding the “Golden Moments”: Strategies of Perseverance Among Parents and Siblings of Persons With Severe Mental Illness and Violent Tendencies2019JOURNAL OF FAMILY ISSUESSporer, Karyn
First-principles study of mechanical and electronic properties of bent monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides2019PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALSYu, Liping
Decadal fates and impacts of nitrogen additions on temperate forest carbon storage: a data-model comparison2019BIOGEOSCIENCESFernandez, Ivan
Real-time mapping of natural disasters using citizen update streams2019INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SCIENCESubasinghe, Iranga
Nittel, Silvia
Landon, Melissa
A simulation-based evaluation of sea sampling design for American lobster in the Gulf of Maine2019FISHERIES RESEARCHLi, Bai
Chen, Yong
An analytical phytoplankton model and its application in the tidal freshwater James River2019ESTUARINE COASTAL AND SHELF SCIENCEChai, Fei
Wang, Zhengui
Effects of ground wollastonite on cement hydration kinetics and strength development2019CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALSAshraf, Warda
Routine Influences on Aquaculture News Selection: A Q Method Study With New England Journalists2019SCIENCE COMMUNICATIONRickard, Laura
Grosswiler, Paul
Religious Complexity and Intergroup Bias2019INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RELIGIONLaBouff, Jordan
Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Ocean-Color Imagery During the PACE Era2019FRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCEBoss, Emmanuel
Navigating the “Danger Zone”: Tone Policing and the Bounding of Civility in the Practice of Student Voice2019AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONBiddle, Catharine
Hufnagel, Elizabeth
Genomics of rapid ecological divergence and parallel adaptation in four tidal marsh sparrows2019EVOLUTION LETTERSOlsen, Brian
Species richness change across spatial scales2019OIKOSMcGill, Brian
Synthesis, structure and photophysical properties of a 2D network with gold dicyanide donors coordinated to aza[5]helicene viologen acceptors2019DALTON TRANSACTIONSBrichacek, Matthew
Patterson, Howard H.
Validation of the first LiDAR wind resource assessment buoy system offshore the Northeast United States2019WIND ENERGYPettigrew, Neal
Dagher, Habib
Faessler, Nathan
Viselli, Anthony
Retrieving Aerosol Characteristics From the PACE Mission, Part 2: Multi-Angle and Polarimetry2019FRONTIERS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCEBoss, Emmanuel
Evaluation of bond strength of cross-laminated LSL specimens under short-span bending2019HOLZFORSCHUNGLi, Ling
Navigating Standardized Spaces in Student Teaching2019EDUCATIONAL FORUMBuchanan, Rebecca
Electrospinning of Cellulose Nanocrystal-Filled Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Solutions: Material Property Assessment2019NANOMATERIALSGardner, Douglas
Han, Yousoo
Preventing local extinctions of tidal marsh endemic Seaside Sparrows and Saltmarsh Sparrows in eastern North America2019CONDOROlsen, Brian
Temporal and Vertical Variations of Particulate and Dissolved Optical Properties in the South China Sea2019JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANSBoss, Emmanuel
How do commercial fishing licences relate to access?2019FISH AND FISHERIESStoll, Joshua
Evaluating the Geographic in GIS2019GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEWKnowles, Anne
2000 years of North Atlantic-Arctic climate2019QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWSBirkel, Sean
Saros, Jasmine
Mayewski, Paul
Maasch, Kirk
A hydrodynamic model for Galveston Bay and the shelf in the northern Gulf of Mexico2019OCEAN SCIENCEWang, Zhengui
The Treadport: Natural Gait on a Treadmill2019HUMAN FACTORSHejrati, Babak
Applying utilization-focused evaluation to high school hazing prevention: A pilot intervention2019EVALUATION AND PROGRAM PLANNINGHakkola, Leah
Allan, Elizabeth