UMS Grand Challenges: Call for Concept Papers

Call for Concept Papers
The UMS Grand Challenge Pilot Initiative: Rural Health and Wellbeing announced by Chancellor Malloy on September 27, 2019 has generated a good deal of interest and activity over the last few weeks. Teams are beginning to form and multiple concept papers are in active development.

Concept papers are short documents that address the ten points required in the Request for Applications. They should describe a multi-party R&D approach to intervene in the challenge of Rural Health and Wellbeing. There is still ample time to form a team or join an existing effort.

As you look to get involved, please visit the Google Group that has been established to foster collaboration. This is an interactive, moderated, forum for teams to network and recruit. Questions can be asked and answered and will be added to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list maintained for the benefit of all participants.

For further information, a live webinar will be broadcast via Zoom on October 24th at 3:00 p.m., and will be available as a recording shortly thereafter. To schedule an outreach event for your faculty, staff, or team, contact Jason Charland, UMS R&D Plan Implementation Director at or 207-581-2461.

Concept papers must be submitted through InfoReady, no later than end-of-day, November 14, 2019.

Thank you,

Jason Charland
UMS R & D Plan Implementation Director