Reactivating a Closed IRB Study

Re-opening a closed study is handled on a case by case basis by the IRB. You can request reactivating a closed study up to 12 months after the study was closed. After this time, a new application submission will be required.

To re-open the study the PI must submit the following:

  1. The reason why the study was closed and the reason why it needs to be re-opened.
  2. Confirmation that no participants were enrolled and no data collection occurred while the study was closed and that this is the continuation of the same study.
  3. If applicable, a modification with any requested changed to the application, personnel, etc. since the application was last approved.
  4. An updated continuing review (if applicable) will need to be submitted.
  5. If participants need to be notified of the re-opening, the PI must explain how this will be accomplished.