UMS Science Advisory Board

The UMS Science Advisory Board, established by University of Maine System Chancellor Dan Malloy, was formed to stay fully abreast of fast-breaking scientific and medical developments in areas relevant for universities and the COVID-19 pandemic, including vaccine development, diagnostic and serology testing, antiviral treatments, transmission mitigation, contact tracing, and others. The board meets with the UMS Planning Group twice a week.

The team has provided evidence-based information on the COVID-19 pandemic in briefs for the Chancellor and serves as an expert resource to the 2020 Safe Return Planning Committee to discuss science-based approaches to safely welcome students, faculty, staff and the public back to our universities. The team has also presented to the Maine Legislature and other groups, including UMaine Faculty Senate Representatives and the UMaine VPR Research Continuation Task Force.

Members of the UMS Science Advisory Board

The UMS Science Advisory Board partnered with Team Maine and Bananas to produce a new video: “COVID-19 101: The science of staying safe.” In it, SAB lead and professor Dr. Melissa Maginnis explains the science behind why we take health and safety measures, including wearing face coverings and maintaining social distance, during this pandemic.

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