Presidential Outstanding Teaching Award Committee


Since 1991, in recognition of the mission of inspiring and dedicated teaching at the University of Maine, the President has annually presented the Presidential Outstanding Teaching Award to a University of Maine faculty or staff member who advances student learning in STEM, the social sciences, the arts, and/or the humanities.

Outstanding teaching fosters student learning and produces clear evidence of that learning. To those ends, outstanding teachers employ well-designed learning outcomes; engaging, innovative instructional practices; and formative and summative measures of assessment. Recipients of the award make major contributions to the quality of teaching and learning in their department, college, and/or the University.

Tenured UMaine and Cooperative Extension faculty, full-time lecturers (in their sixth year of service or beyond), and staff (in their sixth year of service or beyond) are eligible for this award. The recipient receives a medallion and a monetary award.

Presidential Outstanding Teaching Award Nomination Form and Guidelines:



  • Representative from the President’s Office, ex officio
  • Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development, ex officio
  • One faculty member from each academic college (nominated by the dean)
  • One academic dean or designee (nominated by the Provost)
  • One academic department chair (nominated by the Provost)

All are appointed for 3-year terms.

Current Membership

Meredith Whitfield

Jessica Miller

C. Matt Graham

Sandra Caron

Senthil Vel

Nathan Stormer

Lynn Atkins

Diane Rowland

Stephen Miller

Judith Josiah-Martin