Presidential Outstanding Teaching Award Committee


Since 1991, in recognition of the mission of inspiring and dedicated teaching at the University of Maine, the President has annually presented the Presidential Outstanding Teaching Award to a University of Maine faculty member who propels students into new fields of learning and promotes interdisciplinary understanding.

Outstanding Teaching helps students develop their creative abilities, communication, and critical thinking skills, and understanding of traditions in ethics and rationality within the arts, sciences, and professions. In order to honor University of Maine faculty, only tenured UMaine and Cooperative Extension faculty may receive this award.



  • Representative from the President’s Office, ex officio
  • Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, ex officio
  • one faculty member for each academic college (nominated by the dean)
  • one Academic Dean or designee (nominated by the Provost)
  • one academic department chair (nominated by the Provost)
  • Previous year award recipient

All are appointed for 3-year terms.



Vacant (President’s Office ex officio)

Jeffrey St. John

Vacant (NSFA)

Jude Pearse (ENG)

Mark Brewer (CLAS)

Mary Mahoney-O’Neil (CEHD)

Pankaj Agrrawal (MBS)

George Criner

Jane Smith

Jennifer Tyne