Shipping Information

Shipping BoxOnce you have discussed your project with PDC staff and scheduled the work, please contact your project leader to find out the proper way to package, label, and ship your materials. Before sending samples in for testing, please fill out our Sample Submission Form or our Gas Sample Submission Form.

Shipping Address

Attn:  <name of PDC project leader>
Process Development Center
University of Maine
5737 Jenness Hall
Orono, ME    04469-5737

Shipping Hazardous Materials

Please attach a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) with your shipment and be sure to use appropriate packaging and method of shipping.

Steps To Ship

  1. Label samples with your name, sample ID, date
  2. Package according to instructions
  3. Fill in Sample Submission Form and attach along with an SDS for your sample
  4. Include the name of PDC staff member
  5. Ship to the address above