Paper Testing

Rolls of paperHere at the Process Development Center, we have the staff and facilities to conduct comprehensive testing on paper made from any material. We can conduct routine testing on the fundamental properties of paper, but our researchers also evaluate paper and fiber quality to the nanometer scale using highly advanced imaging technologies.

We conduct our paper testing in a temperature and humidity controlled laboratory that meets TAPPI Standard specifications. Our facility has test equipment for all classic paper test procedures, as well as equipment to evaluate other paper characteristics, including formation, stiffness and internal bond.

Paper Evaluation and Testing

  • Physical testing (basis weight, caliper, burst, tear, tensile, fold)
  • Internal bond
  • Zero-span tensile
  • Stiffness (Taber)
  • Smoothness (Sheffield, Parker)
  • Porosity (Gurley, Sheffield)
  • Sizing (Hercules, Cobb, Kit test)
  • Formation
  • Coefficient of friction (inclined)
  • Optical properties (brightness, opacity, color, fluorescence)
  • Gloss meter and densitometer
  • Printablity (KRK, IGT with Heliotest)


  • Physical and optical testing
  • Printability analysis of coated and uncoated papers
  • Sheet splitting (fines and filler analysis)
  • Paper specification development
  • Water and grease resistance determination


To find out more about the PDC’s analytical capabilities, contact Pros Bennett, our Interim Director. After scheduling your work, visit our Shipping Information and Sample Submission pages and fill out our Sample Submission Form.