Be prepared for winter

Snow, ice and nasty winter weather can make moving around campus a bit frightful in winter. Here are some tips from the University of Maine’s Parking & Transportation Services office to make your parking and driving experience a positive one. 

Make sure your vehicle is ready.

Weather in Maine can change quickly. Here are a few items you should always have in your vehicle:

Buttercup, the parking pup
Buttercup, the UMaine Parking Pup
  • Snow scraper and brush
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Shovel
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Pen and paper
  • Charging cables for your cell phone

Bonus items to consider also having on hand:

  • Jumper cables
  • Cat litter and/or sand
  • Bottled water and blankets
  • Extra gloves and hats
  • Bottled water and shelf-stable snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Roadside repair kit

Warm up and brush off

It can be tempting to only brush off a small piece of your windshield, but it’s safer to brush off the whole windshield and side windows before hopping in and taking off. Turn your car on and let the defroster help you bust up snow and ice from your windshield and windows. 

Once your car is warm, clean the wiper blades off and brush snow off the roof and back of your car. The less snow on your vehicle the safer it’ll be for you and others around you. Stopping quickly can send sheets of snow flying forward or back which can hit another vehicle or obstruct your view.

Watch for parking changes

Winter parking ban at the University of Maine: Winter Parking Ban is in effect Nov. 1–May 1. Learn more about it at

Parking changes: When snow needs to be removed from lots, it means that cars may have to shift to other lots. We give notice of this a week out, but you can also find information about lot changes at Keep an eye out for signs at lots that will indicate when they are closed and where you can park.

Plan extra time
Plan for some extra time when traveling in the winter. Slippery roads, snowbanks and decreased speed limits all mean that your commute might take longer. Be cautious when approaching corners, especially after new snow or rain storms and exercise patience. 

Some not-so-fun results from winter:

Jump starts
Dead batteries happen. You can request a jump start from UMaine Parking and Transportation Services during regular business hours ( or through UMaine Police after hours and on weekends. 

If your car is towed, Sullivan Automotive Service can assist you in getting it back. Learn more about towing at