Common Data Set

The Common Data Set (CDS) initiative is a collaborative effort between publishers and the higher education community to collect and report a core set of data in a clear and consistent way. The Common Data Set includes information in the following categories:

  • general information about the institution
  • data on enrollment, persistence, and graduation categorized by gender, ethnicity, and financial aid status
  • application and selection policy
  • freshmen academic profile
  • transfer student data
  • student life features
  • annual student expenses and financial aid
  • instructional faculty and class sizes
  • disciplinary areas and degrees conferred

OIRA maintains an archive of the Common Data Set for UMaine on this page. Click the links below to download the data for any given year.


downloadCDS 2021-2022

downloadCDS 2020-2021

downloadCDS 2019-2020

downloadCDS 2018-2019

downloadCDS 2017-2018

downloadCDS 2016-2017

downloadCDS 2015-2016

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