Introducing a MAJOR Improvement to our Interactive Enrollment Dashboard… Majors!

majors enrollment dashboard

Our enrollment dashboard now includes undergraduate and graduate major-level data.  Select from the past five fall terms and see enrolled majors by college, department, and individual plans. (Students in multiple majors are counted in each major they are enrolled in.  Consequently, the sum of the major counts does not represent an unduplicated student headcount.)

The bar chart represents enrollment in the term and appears in descending order by enrollment.  For ease of viewing, it is helpful to first apply the three filters at the top: term, college, and department. The filters on the left side then provide additional insights into: 

  • Enrollment level (full/part-time status)
  • Sex
  • Class Level
  • Residency (in-State vs. out-of-state)
  • And for undergraduates, a filter to see majors for the Honors Program!

Follow this link to interact with our updated dashboard:

We plan to develop a future iteration that permits visualization of multi-year trends for particular majors and subgroups.