The Office of Financial Planning and Analysis partners with academic and administrative leaders, coordinates campus-wide budget and financial planning activities, and facilitates the allocation of resources necessary to support Maine’s public flagship research university. We are a collaborative group of professionals dedicated to the success of the University of Maine and the University of Maine at Machias.

Our Office is located in Alumni Hall at the University of Maine.
Located in Alumni Hall on the University of Maine Campus

Unit Mission

The Division of Finance and Administration will be an innovative partner, delivering excellent service to the University of Maine (UM) and University of Maine at Machias (UMM) communities. Our priority is supporting the success of students, faculty, staff, and the UM and UMM community by responsibly managing our fiscal, administrative, and infrastructure health.

Strategic Goals

Our primary goal is to ensure the university’s fiscal responsibility and sustainability. We achieve this by:

  • Facilitating the annual budget development and budget implementation processes for all funding types.
  • Developing the annual budget timeline, tools, templates, and training.
  • Analyzing departmental budget requests and expenditures as they relate to the overall current and future success of the university.
  • Reporting financial performance through monthly and quarterly financial reporting in addition to annual forecasting.
  • Developing and updating financial models in support of budget development, including business case development, break-even analysis, variance analysis, or “what if” analysis as necessary for decision-making.
  • Analyzing university research indirect costs and recommending allocation methodology and budget.
  • Evaluating processes and policies to eliminate potential bias in resource allocation.
  • Developing multi-year planning scenarios and models for the university to assist in strategic financial planning and ensure fiscal responsibility and sustainability.
  • Supporting data-informed decision-making through collaborative, high-quality financial analysis.
  • Developing and reviewing models for projections of key university revenues and expenses: enrollment modeling, tuition, endowment flow, and investment returns, staffing levels and salary expenses, capital project integration, and other functions.
  • Incorporating major long-term gift budgets into operational plans.
  • Preparing capital budgets and recommending the financial feasibility of capital expenditures, including total cost of ownership analysis of capital projects.
  • Collaborate with the Provost’s office to integrate academic program metrics with financial data to aid in academic program review.
  • Working in close collaboration with the University of Maine System (UMS) Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration, and related System Finance staff.
  • Working collaboratively with the Business Office, Office of Student Financial Services, and other campus partners to ensure the university’s budgeting and financial planning processes are transparent, rigorous, efficient, and user-friendly.
  • Liaising with deans, unit directors, and financial managers across campus for planning purposes.
  • Collaborating with the Executive Director of Facilities Management and Director of Space and Capital Management Services to develop annual and multi-year capital renewal plans that optimize the use of state appropriations, philanthropy, debt, and unrestricted revenues.
  • Coordinating with the UMaine Foundation and other campus partners to optimize the use of university endowments and current gifts.
  • Supports the Vice President for Finance and Administration with regular reporting to the various committees of the Board of Trustees on financial matters.