The office of Budget and Business Services provides Budget and Financial Analysis services to the University of Maine Community.

Financial Analysis

  • Provides direct support to the Chief Business Officer for all financial analysis related to University funds.
  • Responds to inquiries by the System Office and campus departments.
  • Prepares during the fiscal year, four interim forecasts reports for unrestricted operations.
  • Completes System-wide mandated and ad-hoc campus reports.
  • Develops financial reports and information.


  • Provides day-to-day support for the maintenance of the Educational and General (E&G) and Auxiliary Services budgets.
  • Develops both short-term and long-term budget planning in conjunction with the Chief Business Officer, the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost and campus constituents.
  • Builds the unrestricted budgets as per directives given by the University of Maine System and the institution’s own budget building process.
  • Provides to the campus and its boards extensive visual interpretations of the budget process and its details through PowerPoint presentations.
  • Balances all budgets annually.
  • Establishes and maintains the campus-wide Position Management budgeting module.
  • Authorizes, maintains access and trains campus personnel to the PeopleSoft Financial module.
  • Responds and provides direct support to faculty and staff who have departmental budget issues.
  • Disseminates, prepares and collects information in response to the System Office requests for interim and year-end reconciliations of all budgeted funds.