Sydney Greenlee: Studying harmful algal blooms in Maine EPSCoR initiative

Sydney Greenlee found her passion for molecular ecology through a research undergraduate experience at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. 

Now a participant in the Maine-eDNA program, the Ph.D. student of marine sciences at the University Maine delves deeper into her chosen field, primarily researching harmful algae blooms. Greenlee says she plans to investigate and develop eDNA techniques to make harmful algal blooms easier to study. 

“I love the way that eDNA can be used to answer so many different questions, but it’s also pretty robust as well,” says Greenlee, a graduate research assistant. “It’s pretty cool to be on the cutting edge of this technique and of marine science.”

Read more about Greenlee on the Maine EPSCoR website.

Contact: Marcus Wolf, 207.581.3721,