Student profiles

Innovate for Maine set to double cohort size in 2023

The University of Maine Foster Center for Innovation is seeking Maine students and Maine companies to participate in the 2023 Innovate for Maine Fellows internship program. The application deadline for students and companies is March 5. To apply or learn more about Innovate for Maine Fellows, visit the program website. This year, with funding for […]

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A photo of Chanthu Millay

Chanthu Millay: Expressing an exceptional life through art

Chanthu Millay’s art is raw and intimate: a technicolor self-portrait in painstaking detail, a metal sculpture comprised of pieces of her old prosthetic leg, a ceramic sculpture depicting the emotions she experienced as her family’s lone survivor of the violent Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.   Millay’s art wasn’t always so personal. Her education at the […]

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A photo of the rocky Maine coast

Sophia Pelletier: Marine ecology on the Maine coast

In summer 2022, Sophia Pelletier served as an undergraduate research assistant in the lab of professor Heather Leslie, director of the University of Maine Darling Marine Center. Pelletier, who lives in Davis, California, graduated from University of California, Davis with a bachelor’s degree in wildlife, fish, and conservation biology. She is now applying to graduate programs in marine ecology. Pelletier wrote about her UMaine […]

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A photo of Guillermo Figueroa Munoz

Guillermo Figueroa-Muñoz: From salmonids in Patagonia to alewives in Maine

Growing up in Chile’s Patagonia region, Guillermo Figueroa-Muñoz never imagined he would end up in Orono, Maine, over 6,000 miles away from his hometown of Puerto Cisnes. Thanks to a little luck and hard work, though, the University of Maine Ph.D. student is using the research skills he learned studying fisheries in his home country […]

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A photo of Nhan Chau

Nhan Chau: Designing for science at Maine EPSCoR

Growing up in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, Nhan Chau and her little brother would watch cartoons together — Doraemon, a Japanese anime about a time-traveling robotic cat, was their favorite. She promised him that one day, she would make art of her own. As an intern at Maine EPSCoR at the University of Maine, […]

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A photo of Kaia De Vries

Kaia De Vries: National math award winner loves a challenge

Complex math problems can intimidate some second-year college students, but they invigorate Kaia De Vries. The University of Maine sophomore dives headfirst into real analysis, permutations, inversions and other challenging queries presented to her, honing her skills so she can become an adept mathematician.  In recognition of her hard work and passion, the American Mathematical […]

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A photo of Liza White

Liza White: Engineering new applications for paper mill products

Growing up in Rumford, Maine, Liza White learned the extent to which paper manufacturers contribute to the rural economies in which they operate. Residents would regularly say “paper is money” in relation to the mill’s importance; they would celebrate its successes and shudder when it struggled.  Changes in global demand have brought both economic uncertainty […]

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A photo of Ross Sousa

Ross Sousa: Using new tools to solve old problems on the farm 

While working part-time on farms and in greenhouses, University of Maine senior Ross Sousa of Somerset, Massachusetts learned firsthand how disease can ruin crops. Memories of farmers’ plight, combined with a passion for plant pathology and finding more sustainable agricultural resources, encouraged him to get involved in research to determine whether lobster shells can combat […]

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A photo of Evan Warburton

Evan Warburton: A fun guy studying fungi

Evan Warburton is wild about mushrooms. He forages for edible mushrooms, grows oyster mushrooms in his apartment and researches how fungi interact with trees as an undergraduate researcher at the University of Maine. Inspired by the community of UMaine mycologists, Warburton is growing into a great researcher in his own right, studying the underground fungal […]

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A photo of Nick Sinacola

Nick Sinacola: Balancing business classes and baseball

Nick Sinacola, a baseball pitcher from North Attleboro, Massachusetts, found at home at the University of Maine and the Maine Business School. The 2021 America East Pitcher of the Year had a banner season as a junior. In July 2021, Sinacola made history when the San Francisco Giants signed him in the 7th round pick […]

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