Student profiles

Rene Francolini

Rene Francolini: Using computational biology talents for Maine-eDNA program 

Graduate research assistant Rene Francolini will employ her knowledge of computational biology to tackle research in the Maine-eDNA program.  Sequencing eDNA produces large amounts of data, and Francolini, a University of Maine Ph.D. student of marine sciences, can parse through and manipulate it for analysis using computational programs and models. She previously worked on eDNA […]

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Sydney Greenlee

Sydney Greenlee: Studying harmful algal blooms in Maine EPSCoR initiative

Sydney Greenlee found her passion for molecular ecology through a research undergraduate experience at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences.  Now a participant in the Maine-eDNA program, the Ph.D. student of marine sciences at the University Maine delves deeper into her chosen field, primarily researching harmful algae blooms. Greenlee says she plans to investigate and […]

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Samuel Tan diving with fish in the ocean

Samuel Tan: Exploring microbial communities in Maine-eDNA research

Samuel Tan traveled from Singapore to study at the University of Maine and work for Maine-eDNA.  The Ph.D. student of marine sciences’ research for the Maine EPSCoR program will involve microbial communities and how they change in response to disturbances, such as the effects of seasonality and human action. The technology for eDNA research has […]

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Julia Van Steenberghe

Julia Van Steenberghe: Miss Maine USA says, ‘I definitely bleed blue’

On a recent Wednesday afternoon, Julia Van Steenberghe’s parents’ living room in Old Town was transformed into a veritable TV studio, with ring lights surrounding her as she gave probably the biggest interview of her life so far.  Van Steenberghe — a master’s student in human development at the University of Maine — was chatting […]

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Claudia Cummings

Claudia Cummings: Connections are key to success

Claudia Cummings earned her Bachelor of Arts in social work from the University of Maine in May 2020. She knows her success at UMaine can be attributed, at least in part, to her personal engagement during her undergraduate years. But she also learned that before changing the world students must find their niche. After changing […]

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Senior art exhibition "Surviving Anecdotes" in the Lord Hall gallery.

Senior art exhibition ‘Surviving Anecdotes’ runs through Nov. 12

The University of Maine 2020 senior art exhibition “Surviving Anecdotes” will be on display through Nov. 12 in the Lord Hall gallery. The show features more than 100 works — from paintings and sculptures to animation and performance art — from 16 student artists.  Participating seniors this year include Kara Arey, Emma Betterley-Dow, Victoria Bobrova, […]

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Sara Kelemen

Sara Kelemen: Addressing equity in Maine’s climate strategies 

Sara Kelemen informed dozens of Maine Climate Council members last month about how their efforts to combat climate change can lead to equitable outcomes. The Climate Council invited representatives from the University of Maine Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions to a webinar to discuss their equity assessment of the council’s Climate Action […]

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Sabrina Sultana

Sabrina Sultana: Green solvents, recyclable materials can sustain Maine’s forest industry 

Doctoral student Sabrina Sultana understands how Maine’s forests contribute to the state’s economic health. With her adviser, Carl Tripp, she is working to develop innovative industrial materials that can sustain Maine’s forestry industries while advancing bio-based, recyclable materials. Read more about Sabrina’s research on the Advanced Structures and Composites Center website.  Contact: Meghan Collins,

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Darling Marine Center

Darling Marine Center interns: Summer science stories

This summer, eight research interns from the University of Maine, Bates College and Brandeis University collaborated with UMaine scientists based at the Darling Marine Center. Some worked remotely, while other students were out in the field and on UMaine research vessels, collecting data on our changing ocean as part of their capstone and thesis projects.  […]

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Margaret Campbell

Margaret Campbell: Californian chooses UMaine for marine science  

Third-year University of Maine student Margaret Campbell from San Diego, California is an ocean lover who aspires to a career in marine affairs. She started college at the University of California, Davis, a campus renowned for its marine and coastal science programs, but quickly realized that for her, bigger was not necessarily better.  “The University […]

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