Marine Sciences

Image of lobster boats at a working waterfront in Maine

Experts contribute to Maine’s plan for climate action

The Maine Climate Council released its four-year plan for climate action Tuesday, the same day 60-mph wind gusts were battering the state. As Council member Ivan Fernandez remarked during the public release of the report that the five hottest years in Earth’s recorded history were the last five, the temperature in a number of communities […]

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Maine Science Podcast features Hamlin in latest episode

The Maine Science Podcast features Heather Hamlin, an associate professor of aquaculture at the University of Maine, in its latest episode.  Hamlin discussed her research seeking to understand how human-induced changes in the environment, whether it be climate change, ocean acidification or pollutants, can affect the reproduction and development of aquatic animals that are important […]

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‘The Maine Question’ closes third season asking how lobsters are doing

Lobsters are synonymous with Maine, defining it alongside lighthouses, forests, rocky coasts, blueberries and potatoes. Beyond its reputation as a delicious meal, the iconic crustacean propels a major industry, draws tourists from around the world and serves as a bellwether for climate change and environmental health.   Few people know lobster from all angles better than […]

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Rene Francolini

Rene Francolini: Using computational biology talents for Maine-eDNA program 

Graduate research assistant Rene Francolini will employ her knowledge of computational biology to tackle research in the Maine-eDNA program.  Sequencing eDNA produces large amounts of data, and Francolini, a University of Maine Ph.D. student of marine sciences, can parse through and manipulate it for analysis using computational programs and models. She previously worked on eDNA […]

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Sydney Greenlee

Sydney Greenlee: Studying harmful algal blooms in Maine EPSCoR initiative

Sydney Greenlee found her passion for molecular ecology through a research undergraduate experience at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences.  Now a participant in the Maine-eDNA program, the Ph.D. student of marine sciences at the University Maine delves deeper into her chosen field, primarily researching harmful algae blooms. Greenlee says she plans to investigate and […]

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Samuel Tan diving with fish in the ocean

Samuel Tan: Exploring microbial communities in Maine-eDNA research

Samuel Tan traveled from Singapore to study at the University of Maine and work for Maine-eDNA.  The Ph.D. student of marine sciences’ research for the Maine EPSCoR program will involve microbial communities and how they change in response to disturbances, such as the effects of seasonality and human action. The technology for eDNA research has […]

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Mainebiz reports on DMC infrastructure improvement

Mainebiz reported on the ongoing $5.2 million infrastructure improvement project at the University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center in Walpole. Construction includes upgrading the center’s flowing seawater system, renovating its oldest seawater laboratory and replacing its 50-year-old main pier. The improvements are funded by an award from the U.S. Economic Development Administration with matching funds […]

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Wiscasset Newspaper, Lincoln County News highlight construction at Darling Marine Center

Wiscasset Newspaper and The Lincoln County News picked up a Darling Marine Center (DMC) news release about the waterfront improvement projects now underway at DMC. Planned construction includes upgrading the flowing seawater system, renovating the oldest seawater laboratory and replacing the Center’s main pier. “Amid all the challenges people are facing right now, we’re grateful for the […]

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UMaine Medicine hosting Oct. 30 webinar on impacts of pollution, climate change on human health

The University of Maine Institute of Medicine fall seminar series continues with a virtual presentation by Nishad Jayasundara, assistant professor in the School of Marine Sciences and Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 3–4 p.m. Oct. 30.   In this presentation, Water Pollution, Rising Temperatures and a Mysterious Kidney Disease, Jayasundara will discuss his research examining the biochemical […]

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